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Style Aromatherapy is committed to using natural therapies to address the challenges of anti-aging. Our methodology begins with understanding the reasons why the process is accelerating, and then to offer solutions that slow and even stop, this deterioration.

Style Aromatherapy Natural Anti-Aging
The natural answer to the aging of skin, scalp and hair.

With the passing of time, skin and scalp condition, flexibility, strength, texture and appearance, tend to deteriorate and become unsightly.
The anti-aging formula of Style Aromatherapy Hair Products delivers for the first time, a remarkably effective answer to the skin and scalp’s specific needs, as well as solutions for every type of hair problem.

Based on proprietary Style Aromatherapy Natural Anti-Aging technology “NAA” and fortified with Borage Seed Oil & Dead Sea Minerals that has invaluable anti-aging properties, every product category contains pure essential and aromatherapy oils able to provide a focused natural response to the specific needs of the body, hair and scalp.

Borage Seed Oil

The king of Natural oils, produced from a plant that possesses natural anti aging properties.

Borage is not a new discovery. Before the anti aging products and research existed, people were using it in ancient Rome to enhance natural beauty. It was even used by world class ancient beauties like Cleopatra and Nefertiti. After research, it has been found that the borage seed has several compositions within it that are very identical to the human skin cell structure and also acids that are beneficial for the skin, scalp and hair.

Borage oil is a regenerating oil. Borage oil is the richest natural sources of gamma linoleic acid (GLA 24%), an omega-6 fatty acid. Borage oil contributes to the healthy function of cellular membranes by maintaining the stability and fluidity of dermal cells and preserving the skin’s natural water-loss barrier.

Borage Oil is an essential fatty acid that diminishes in skin naturally as they age, resulting in a loss of firmness, hydration and elasticity. Borage Oil is a very powerful anti aging agent and helps to speed up the skin repair process and restores the skin’s youthfulness, softness and elasticity.

Borage Oil is made from the seeds of the borage plant. Its properties include:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Richest source of GLA, very emollient
  • Repairs tissue damage, healthy skin growth, good for skin disorders (eczema, rosacea, psoriasis)
  • Great for dry, mature, aging skin, and dry skin spots
  • Reduces redness, contains prostaglandins which stimulate the contraction of blood vessels
  • Improving the strength of the keratin-dependent tissues such as our nails and hair

Dead Sea

Is the lowest point on the earth (400 meters below sea level).

The Dead Sea overflows with abundant life-supporting matter. This natural therapeutic storehouse is rich in minerals and contains the highest concentration of minerals (32%) to be found anywhere in the world! Several scientific studies are at the heart of the anti aging and health benefit claims. Dead Sea minerals have been tested with a variety of skin related health conditions, showing favorable results in each test.

The Dead Sea minerals contains 21 minerals all thought to exhibit anti aging properties. These natural minerals – such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, strontium, boron and iron – are essential to maintaining healthy, supple skin, scalp and hair.

Due to the high levels of magnesium in the Dead Sea minerals, the soaks are thought to increase the skin barrier functionality, reduce skin roughness, reduce skin inflammation and possible reduce other inflammations of the body. The skin effects related to the Dead Sea minerals combines together to make the skin appear younger and more vibrant, thus the anti aging effects.

For the ultimate in anti aging effectiveness, Dead Sea mineral products are one of the few that are available without prescription and have scientific data to back up the claims. The mineral of the Dead Sea renew and revitalize the skin allowing all to reclaim that healthful, younger skin look and feel.


Style Aromatherapy

Natural Anti Aging for the Skin – provides the essential nutrients for the skin, rebalances and moisturizes the skin, maintains its elasticity and healthy glow.

Natural Anti Aging for the Scalp – rebalances the scalp, reduces and prevents phenomena related to the imbalance of the scalp (dryness and excessive oiliness, dandruff).

Natural Anti Aging for Hair – strengthens the hair fibers, restores the flexibility, volume and gloss that the hair has lost due to age-related problems.

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