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Natural Professional Care

This professional products line is based on natural essential oils that protect and pamper the hair and scalp. It features carefully chosen ingredients selected for their efficacy in answering the specific needs of four separate hair types.

Based on proprietary Style Aromatherapy Natural Anti-Aging Technology “NAA” and fortified with Borage Seed Oil. Essential oils of the Borage plant prevent the accumulation of free radicals and thus slow down the aging process of the scalp.

Intensive Repair Series for those with Dry / Thick / Badly Damage hair

The unique formulation based in NAA (Natural Anti-Aging) Technology, is enriched with natural Borage Seed Oil and Burdock Oil that work together to fight the aging process of scalp and hair, strengthen the hair shaft and minimize dryness, oiliness, and dandruff.

The stabilizing and balancing effect leaves hair full of body with a glossy, lustrous look, fresh light feeling and wonderful perfume.

Enriched with Burdock oil, which has therapeutic properties and imparts intensive nourishment to the hair, resulting in increased softness and suppleness. Makes hair easy to style while suppleness. Makes hair easy to style while protecting hair from the harmful effects of the sun and chemical treatments. Imparts luster and shine along with a wonderful fragrance.

Hair Loss Control Series for Thinning and Prematurely Gray hair

Unique, innovative professional line, which answers to Hair Loss and premature gray hair problems. Based on a unique formulation featuring NAA (Natural Anti-Aging) Technology and fortified with Amla & Gotu Kola oils.

Amla is used as cosmetic in India. It is an accepted hair tonic in traditional recipes for enriching hair growth and pigmentation. Amla shampoos and hair oil are traditional Chinese medicine.

Gotu Kola is a herbal remedy for hair loss that works by stimulating and increasing blood circulation throughout the brain and the scalp, which then revitalizes the hair follicles. Gotu kola also purifies the blood and improve the growth and health of the hair.

Everlasting Colour Protector Series for Coloured / Highlighted hair

The unique formulation featuring NAA (Natural Anti–Aging) Technology, is fortified with Everlasting Oil and enriched with Borage Seed Oil to slow down the aging processes of scalp and hair. It strengthens the hair shaft while restoring the volume and shine lost with the passing of time, and re-balances the scalp by reducing dryness, oiliness and dandruff, Everlasting Oil protects colour and pigmentation and prevents fading, while ensuring a glossy, rich appearance of hair.

Anti-Dandruff Series for Total Dandruff & Scalp Care hair

Based on a unique formulation featuring NAA (Natural Anti-Aging) Technology and fortified with Evening Primrose Oil to strengthen the hair shaft and prevent breaking, splitting and balding cause by poor scalp conditions. It reconditions the scalp by minimizing dehydration, oiliness, dandruff, leaving hair with a full glossy look, a light, fresh feeling and delightful perfume. Evening Primrose Oil is a rich natural source of Gamma Linoilenic Acid (GLA7-10%) and an important natural solution for strengthening the hair follicle as well as preventing breaking, splitting and balding caused by poor scalp condition.

Curl Control series for Wavy / Curly / Hard-to-Style Hair

The unique formulation enriched with Yarrow Oil conditions, nourishes and leaves hair delightfully perfumed with a full glossy look and a light, fresh feeling.

Based on unique NAA (Natural Anti-Aging) Technology, fortified with anti-aging Borage Seed Oil that protects the hair and scalp, and restores volume and shine lost with the passing of time, it also reconditions the scalp by minimizing dehydration, oiliness, dandruff.

Yarrow oil, valued for its medicinal properties, was used by the ancient Greeks to heal battle wounds. The plant is rich in antioxidants and fatty acids that keep hair flexible, replenished, glossy, and conditioned while ensuring a well-balanced, healthy scalp.