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Environmental Care

Our vision is to demonstrate our concern and respect for the environment by never using animals to test our products, nor ever make use of living components.

At GVL, our mission is making cleaner production and Eco-efficiency a top priority in our business operations. One of the ways we do this is through the use of easily recycled glass and PET for our containers and bottles.

Animal Testing

Just because we all want to indulge in life’s small delights does not mean that animals should suffer. Through full dedication to policies that have a fixed cut-off date, we make certain that our suppliers never use animals to test our components – this is in keeping with the endorsement of animal rights agencies. Also, we categorically state that at no time have we ever, nor ever will, use animals to run trials on our finished products. Furthermore, manufactures of raw materials who support alternative ways of testing raw materials purchased by us, enjoy our full support.

Our Promise

GVL is serious about its responsibilities. For us, climate change and animal welfare are hugely significant and play a vital role in the selection of our packaging and raw materials – from the early development stage right up to product launch. To guarantee that our products can be used and enjoyed with clear conscience, we guarantee the following:

  • None of our finished products will be tested on animals.
  • Wherever feasible, we will select packaging made of PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) material, or that contains PCR’s, or is easily recycled.
  • Cut down on landfill, both under The Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulation 2005, and also by recycling waste products resulting from our manufacturing processes.
  • Implement ongoing reassessment or our business practices and constantly strive to upgrade our social and moral policies.