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D-Light Candle Massage Cream Blend

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D-Light Candle Massage Cream Blend Lavender & Rosemary

( 99.5% Natural )


Extracted from freshly harvested leaves by Steam Distillation. Enriched with: Olive, Calendula, Rose Hip and Borage Seed Oils. PARABEN / PARAFFIN FREE

After lighting, also serves as a pampering massage cream for a natural boost of moisture with a wonderful scent.

Lavender – Considered a skin rejuvenating agent and has antiseptic qualities. Known for its calming & soothing effect on the skin. Creates balance between the body and spirit. With Lavender and its light fresh aroma, your skin looks and feels at his best.

Rosemary – Has a rejuvenating and renewing effect for your skin. Helps to alleviate inflexible, exhausted muscles, following hectic activities. With an uplifting properties and its invigorating aroma.

Serves as stress – relief capability when you use the warm aromatherapy oil from the blend to massage on your forehead, temple, neck etc.

Directions: Light the candle. After a few minutes the wax heats up & turns to luxurious aromatherapy massage oil. Spread and massage as pleased. Enjoy the smooth caress and the vibrant look.

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