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Relax Body Lotion

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Relax Body Lotion

Vanilla, Patchouli And Dead Sea Minerals


The unique formulation featuring unique NAA (Natural Anti-Aging) technology, is fortified with natural Vanilla and Patchouli, Shea Butter, Olive Oil and Borage Seed Oil, which all work in harmony to help slow the body’s aging process.

This exclusive combination soothes and nourishes the skin leaving it with a soft, glowing velvety texture and enduring fragrance.

Vanilla Oil is valued in traditional medicine for its calming and temperature-lowering properties while Patchouli Oil is used in aromatherapy as a sedative as well as for reducing the appetite, treating depression and assisting with emotional stress.

Directions: Apply in your hands and massage into your skin. Use daily all over the body. For external use only.

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