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Natural Spa Elixir

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Bringing The Therapeutic Benefits From Dead Sea To Your Home

The Natural Spa Elixir recognize the added value of Nature which give us health and peace.

The Natural Spa Elixir series brings you home, straight from Nature, directly from Dead Sea Water, salt, mud and minerals – a balanced blend of mineral based compounds which replenish and revitalize your skin, restoring its natural suppleness as well as moisture level.

The Dead Sea is the richest most ancient natural spa in the world, known for its therapeutic properties since Cleopatra.

The richest concentration (32%) of minerals in the world, exists only in the Dead Sea, located – 417 meters below sea level. Layers of mineral mud contain extra ordinary (10 times more) concentrations of natural elements such as magnesium, calcium and iron. The minerals stimulates cells to regenerate and nourish the top layer of your skin with a heightened water capacity.

The traditional method of preparing our natural blend has remained the same for centuries.

Our enchanting wonderful herbs are soaked for three days in a row, in pure Dead Sea Water, in a sterile and clean enviroment. After three days, the rich serum that remains, is enriched with many minerals exist in the Dead Sea, benefactors for the skin’s appearance.

The value of the herbal blend of to the Natural Spa Elixir’s products, creates a totally new dimension of natural and soft pleasurable experience, for your quiet magical showering and bathing moments.

We carefully collect our raw materials from around the world: Exotic plants, flowers, fruits including spices, with an emphasis on quality natural raw materials, according to the value of each ingredients, for the skin’s health.

Spa Elixir Mineral Rich Clarifying Mud Mask 99.5% Natural (250ml)
Dead Sea Minerals And Oils, Dead Sea Body Scrub 99.5% Natural (250ml)
Shower Whipped Buttery Love Blend Lemon And Jojoba 99.5% Natural (200ml)
D-Light Candle Massage Cream Blend Lavender And Rosemary 99.5% Natural (200ml)

Relax Body Lotion (250ml)
 Hand Made Block Soap (Argan Oil & Mud Soap)